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Jun 21Intro to Parkour for Kids
Jun 21Intro to Parkour for Kids
Jun 21Intro to Parkour for Teens
Jun 21Intro to Parkour for Adults
Jun 22Language Change in Kansas
Jun 22Intro to Parkour for Kids
Jun 22Maki-Zushi and Oshi-Zushi (Rolled Sushi and Layered-Cake Sushi)
Jun 22Intro to Parkour for Kids
Jun 22Intro to Parkour for Teens
Jun 22Intro to Parkour for Adults
Jun 24Preparing to Pump!
Jun 26Bhangra: Dance and Cardio
Jun 28Art Appreciation: Exploring Sculpture
Jun 30Blended Learning: First Aid/CPR/AED
Jul 2Grant Writing
Jul 2College and Career Exploration
Jul 3Ukulele For Everyone
Jul 3Karate & Self-Defense
Jul 3Little Dragons
Jul 6Kindness 101 - Being Your Own Superhero
Jul 6Intentional Ways to Manage and Reduce Stress
Jul 6Understanding Medicare: Introduction to the Basics
Jul 6General Ledger and Month End Procedures
Jul 6Cash is King
Jul 6The Business Plan
Jul 6The Basics of Bookkeeping
Jul 6Intermediate Video Game Design
Jul 6Effective Copywriting
Jul 6Extraordinary Customer Service
Jul 6Negotiation: Get What You Want
Jul 6Sentence-Level Grammar
Jul 6Intermediate Data Analysis
Jul 6Intermediate Excel
Jul 6Intermediate Power BI
Jul 6Intermediate SQL
Jul 6Developing Your Leadership Skills
Jul 6Project Management Project Processes
Jul 6Collaborative Management
Jul 6Intermediate Six Sigma Green Belt
Jul 6Boosting Your Website Traffic
Jul 6Advanced Google Analytics
Jul 6YouTube for Business
Jul 6Marketing Using Social Media
Jul 6Intermediate Web Design
Jul 6HTML Fundamentals
Jul 6Adobe Photoshop Essentials
Jul 6Designing Online Instruction
Jul 6Certificate in Learning Styles
Jul 6Students with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)
Jul 6Gender in the Classroom
Jul 7Edible Wild Plants
Jul 8Indian Cooking for Beginners
Jul 8Herbal First Aid
Jul 13Chair Yoga
Jul 13Email/Phone Security
Jul 14Battle in the American Civil War: The Evolution of Tactics, Command, and Generalmanship

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