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Upcoming Courses You May Be Interested In:

Sep 28Chair Yoga
Sep 28Lunch & Learn: Riley County Characters
Sep 29You Have the Right to Vote. Use it!
Sep 29Belly Dance Basics
Oct 2Spanish Club for Native Speakers
Oct 2Tapestry 101
Oct 3Okonomi-Yaki (Japanese Savory Pancake)
Oct 4College and Career Exploration
Oct 4Grant Writing
Oct 4General Ledger and Month End Procedures
Oct 4Cash is King
Oct 4The Business Plan
Oct 4The Basics of Bookkeeping
Oct 4Intermediate Video Game Design
Oct 4Effective Copywriting
Oct 4Extraordinary Customer Service
Oct 4Negotiation: Get What You Want
Oct 4Sentence-Level Grammar
Oct 4Intermediate Data Analysis
Oct 4Intermediate Excel
Oct 4Intermediate Power BI
Oct 4Developing Your Leadership Skills
Oct 4Project Management Project Processes
Oct 4Collaborative Management
Oct 4Intermediate Six Sigma Green Belt
Oct 4Boosting Your Website Traffic
Oct 4Advanced Google Analytics
Oct 4YouTube for Business
Oct 4Contact Tracing
Oct 4Marketing Using Social Media
Oct 4Intermediate Web Design
Oct 4HTML Fundamentals
Oct 4Adobe Photoshop Essentials
Oct 4Designing Online Instruction
Oct 4Students with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)
Oct 4Gender in the Classroom
Oct 5Peaceful Communication
Oct 5Adulting 101 – Building Independent Living Skills
Oct 5Acrylic Pouring for Beginners
Oct 5Peace-of-Mind through Pre-Planning! Planning for Your Later Years
Oct 6Healthy Cooking for One
Oct 7Introduction to Tree Identification
Oct 9History in Music
Oct 9Peaceful Parenting Workshop
Oct 12Acrylic Pour Techniques: Swipe
Oct 12Pietra Fitness for Women - Level I
Oct 13Introduction to Being a Dungeon Master (Dungeons and Dragons)
Oct 14Herbs for Cold/Flu Prevention and Relief
Oct 14Popular Indian Recipes
Oct 16Ukulele For Everyone
Oct 17Responding to Emergencies
Oct 17Japanese Calligraphy Art
Oct 18Scuba Diving
Oct 18Yoga 1
Oct 18Yoga 1
Oct 18Inflammation, Food, & Your Health
Oct 19Infant Massage
Oct 19Acrylic Pour Techniques: String Pull
Oct 19Hand Lettering for Beginners
Oct 20ZUMBA Dance
Oct 20Women At War
Oct 24Driving on Sunshine: Electric Cars
Oct 25Haunted Manhattan Trolley Tour
Oct 25Haunted Manhattan Trolley Tour
Oct 25Green Ball Tennis (Ages 11-12)
Oct 26Gentle Yoga for All
Oct 26Haunted Manhattan Trolley Tour
Oct 26Acrylic Pour Techniques: Swirl Pour
Oct 26Introduction to Epoxy Resin
Oct 26Orange Ball Tennis (Ages 9-10)
Oct 27Haunted Manhattan Trolley Tour
Oct 27Haunted Manhattan Trolley Tour
Oct 28Haunted Manhattan Trolley Tour
Oct 28Haunted Manhattan Trolley Tour

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