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Blended Learning: Lifeguard Training(Closed)*04/29/17
Blended Learning: Lifeguard Training(Closed)*05/06/17
Blended Learning: Lifeguard Training(Closed)*05/20/17
Blended Learning: Lifeguard Training Recertification04/22/17
Blended Learning: Lifeguard Training Recertification04/23/17
A One on One Introduction to Voiceovers01/17/17
Sax, Clarinet, Flute Private Instruction01/01/17
Wildflower Walk at Tuttle Creek Lake05/13/17
Feed Your Soil: Composting the Permaculture Way04/22/17
Integral Transformative Practice05/02/17
Natural Care for Autism and ADHD04/27/17
Blended Learning: First Aid/CPR/AED05/06/17
Happy, Healthy Henna!!(Closed)*05/06/17
Professional Dance Troupe03/16/17
Hashtag in a Flash05/05/17
American Red Cross Babysitter's Clinic(Closed)*04/22/17
A One on One Introduction to Voiceovers05/08/17
Introduction to Digital Photography: The Basics05/25/17
Macramé Wall Hanging06/06/17
Glass Etching07/15/17
Sewing: Refining your Skills06/08/17
Intro to Geocaching07/15/17
Photovoltaics 10106/17/17
In the Zones: Designing with Permaculture07/30/17
Introduction to Permaculture06/25/17
Driving on Sunshine!06/10/17
Wildflower Walk at Tuttle Creek Lake06/17/17
Huh? -2- Duh! Secrets of Small Business Success Bootcamp06/12/17
Huh? -2- Duh! Secrets of Small Business Success Bootcamp07/10/17
Dressing & Sauces06/10/17
Vegetarian Taco Party07/08/17
Canning from your Garden06/14/17
Restorative Yoga06/04/17
Restorative Yoga07/16/17
Chair Yoga06/06/17
Chair Yoga07/18/17
Intro to Meditation06/01/17
Self-Help with Reiki07/24/17
Creating an Abundance Vision Board06/29/17
Building Healthy Nutrition Habits05/31/17
Relief for Neck Pain06/13/17
Relieve Low Back Pain06/27/17
Fertility, Pregnancy and Newborns07/11/17
Small Lifestyle Changes07/25/17
Natural Care for Autism and ADHD08/08/17
Growing Your Own Medicine Garden05/20/17
Making Herbal Remedies Part 106/24/17
Making Herbal Remedies Part 207/08/17
Herbs for Stressful Times07/22/17
Blended Learning: First Aid/CPR/AED06/10/17
Blended Learning: First Aid/CPR/AED07/29/17
Blended Learning: First Aid/CPR/AED08/12/17
Evening Yoga06/05/17
Evening Yoga07/10/17
Morning Yoga06/03/17
Morning Yoga07/08/17
Gentle Yoga for All06/01/17
Gentle Yoga for All06/01/17
Gentle Yoga for All07/13/17
Gentle Yoga for All07/13/17
Getting Started with Conversational Japanese05/30/17
Getting Started with Conversational Japanese07/05/17
Mandarin Chinese05/15/17
White Phoenix (Pai Lum) Kung Fu06/04/17
Karate & Self-Defense07/01/17
Peaceful Communication06/08/17
A Goal-Setting Workshop06/03/17
Archery for Adults06/05/17
Archery for Adults07/10/17
How to Cheat Your Fitbit07/28/17
Ballet for Adults05/25/17
Contemporary Dance for Adults05/23/17
Beginner Line Dancing06/06/17
Beginner Line Dancing07/11/17
Intermediate Line Dancing06/06/17
Intermediate Line Dancing07/11/17
Beginner Country Two Step & Swing06/07/17
Beginner Country Two Step & Swing07/12/17
Intermediate Country Two Step & Swing06/07/17
Intermediate Country Two Step & Swing07/12/17
Ballroom Dance I06/14/17
Archery for Youth06/05/17
Archery for Youth07/10/17
Kids in the Garden06/03/17
Little Dragons07/01/17
Half or Full Marathon Training08/29/17
Run Happy! Run For Life!08/28/17

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These courses are not currently scheduled, but may be offered at a future date. Click the course Title link for more information.

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