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Voices For All, LLC Voices For All, LLC, The Voices For All Voice Coaches/Producers/Instructors are known for their fun and informative presenting methods. Our coaches have many years of experience in the voiceover industry and are masters at teaching all of the information pertinent to making it in voice acting. Whether it be speaking, presenting, writing, producing, or announcing, Voices For All has it covered. With hundreds of regional and national commercials, and public service announcements under their belts, our instructors not only deliver the highest quality education and coaching to their students, but their unique enthusiasm and expertise bring an element of fun and excitement to the virtual classroom as well.
Leslie Allen Leslie is a graduate of Kansas State University and has a passion for helping others understand the impact that nutrition and exercise has on their health. Her focus is on building healthier lifestyle habits based on whole foods. She loves helping others improve their health and feel better about themselves through a realistic and balanced approach. For more information visit:
Ayumi Amama Growing up in Osaka, Japan, Ayumi always enjoyed cooking. Since she started making rolled omelets at 7 years old, she has continued learning new techniques and developing new recipes.

Ayumi has also taken calligraphy lessons in Japan for about eight years and is trained in architectural design. She enjoys sharing Japanese culture.
Diane Barker Master of Arts in English, Brain Gym Core Course Graduate
Matt Barley
Carol Barta Carol Barta is a founding member of the Flint Hills Resilience Coalition and certified permaculturist.
Joanne Bauman Joanne (Prairie Magic Herbals) is a Kansas wise woman herbalist, teacher, writer, herb grower and medicine-maker. Joanne teaches people how to appreciate, connect with, and collaborate with plants to empower their health. She presents at The Mother Earth News Fair and the Midwest Women’s Herbal conference, and she blogs and podcasts for Mother Earth News Heirlooms & Herbals/Herbal Living. Joanne also volunteers as the Herbalists Without Borders (HWB) Community Herbal Apothecary Coordinator and Kansas Chapter Coordinator.
Roy Bird
Lucas Boland
Dan Boyle

Dan Boyle has over 30 years of experience as a competitive distance runner and distance running coach. Since becoming a Masters Runner (40 yrs and older), he has been ranked as one of the best distance runners in the US and since 1992 has completed over 20 marathons. He has helped numerous athletes from around the US achieve their goals at distances from 2 miles up to the marathon distance. For example, he has coached a 43 year old man from being a 3hr 30 min marathoner to surpassing his goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon with a current personal record of 2hr 49 min at age 45.

Some of Dan's running achievements:
1) College: Class of 1986, Colorado State University, 4 year letterman in cross country and track, 4 year Western Athletic Conference (WAC) team member, WAC Scholar Athlete, P.R. 5,000 meters = 13'58", 10,000 meters= 29'32"
2) 2006 the Half, Half Marathon, Dallas White Rock Lake Dallas, Texas, November 5, 2006 Time: 1 hour 10 minutes 43 seconds Place overall: 6th Place in Masters Division: 1st
3) 25th Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon / USA Masters & Open Marathon Championship, Minneapolis - St. Paul, Minnesota, October 1, 2006 Time: 2 hours 31 minutes 13 seconds Place overall: 30th Place in USA Masters Championship: 5th
4) 24th Twin Cities Marathon / USA Masters & Open Marathon Championship, Minneapolis - St. Paul, Minnesota, October 2, 2005 Time: 2 hours 31 minutes 41 seconds Place overall: 37th Place in USA Masters Championship: 5th
5) Under Armour Baltimore Marathon, Baltimore, MD, October 16, 2004 Time: 2 hours 33 minutes 53 seconds Place overall: 10th, 2nd American Place in Masters Division: 1st
6) 23rd Twin Cities Marathon / USA Masters Marathon Championship, Minneapolis - St. Paul, Minnesota, October 3, 2004 Time: 2 hours 29 minutes 52 seconds Place overall: 29th Place in USA Masters Championship: 5th
7) Fort Worth Cowtown Marathon, Fort Worth, Texas, February 28, 2004 Time: 2 hour 31 minutes 57 seconds (new course record) Place overall: 1st Place in Masters Division: 1st
8) The Dallas White Rock Marathon, Dallas, Texas, December 14, 2003 Time: 2 hour 33 minutes 43 seconds Place overall: 4th, 1st American Place in Masters Division: 1st

Henry Brown
Charlene Brownson
Stacy Cam
Conrad Candelaria Encompassing 34 years of martial arts training as a Judoka and professional law enforcement service to his community, Conrad has endeavored to gain greater knowledge to impart to his students. He has certifications as a black belt from USA Judo and has also achieved professional certifications in the following: Defensive Tactics Instructor, Mental Preparation for Armed Confrontation, Ground Control Instructor, Intermediate Force Instructor, and Tactical Baton Instructor.
Cary Chappell
Melissa Copp
Rachelle DeCoud Rachelle received her master's degree from KSU and worked as a grant writer securing funding for multiple non-profit organizations over the past 5 years.
Wilbur Dodderidge Wilbur is a history major at KSU minoring in classical studies. He's been studying Greek and Roman myths since he was young and hopes to be a classical history professor in the future!
Bill Dorsett Bill Dorsett has been working in solar energy since 1975, both in passive and active thermal systems and in solar electric applications.
Pat Embers
Aaron Estabrook
Gregg Eyestone Gregg has been instructing others on gardening practices for 30+ years through K-State Research and Extension. A native of Manhattan, he has been gardening his whole life. His orchard contains just about one of everything.
Body First
Beth Fischer Beth is a lifelong Manhattanite, tennis player, and as of 2020, a USAPA (United States Pickleball Association) Ambassador! She is excited to shaare her passion for this game with a crazy name!
Ana Franklin Ana Franklin began practicing yoga in the 1970s. However, Ana's exposure to yoga started in early childhood as her father practiced yoga faithfully every day since 1951, making this a regular part of the household activities. Then in 1963, Ana's mother began to attend yoga class and also became a faithful practitioner. Ana has been teaching yoga since 1984. In the '90s, Ana traveled to Hawaii and took five Yoga Teacher Training sessions from Gary Kraftsow, founder of American Viniyoga Institute. She has also been certified by the Krishnamacharya Health and Yoga Foundation in Chennai, India, and is currently studying for another certification. "Yoga is a lifelong commitment for me, and with such a rich subject, there is always more to learn, and to teach! I hope to continue doing both for a very long time." Ana is a certified Natural Health Consultant.
Jeff Freeborn
R. Todd Gabbard
Jason Gazaway
Susanne Glymour
Lindsey Hulbert Lindsey was born and raised in the Southwest desert. Her family moved to the Little Apple 8 years ago when she started her official career in the Department of Animal Sciences and Industry at K-State. Zumba, Aqua Zumba, and Latin Dance are her side-hustles because of nostalgia and the desire to share and celebrate the enriching music of Latin, Hispanic, and other international artists in an amazing format for getting fit.
Paul Hunt
Kyoshi Pamela Johansen Kyoshi Pam Johansen, master level instructor, has taught for more than 40 years. She has competed and placed nationally. She was inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame in 2004. She has held her own Martial Arts Tournaments since 1983.
David Jones David is a licensed agent specializing in senior insurance market, Medicare Advisor 4You.
Lee Jorgensen
Tom Korte
Austin Kruse Austin Kruse is a junior at K-State studying political science and philosophy. He has previously taken the LSAT and will apply to law schools in the fall.
Katie Larson Katie Larson is certified in pre- and post-natal care.
Katherine Linder
Sue Maes
Safia Malallah Safia Malallah's background is in computer science. She worked as a computer analyst and graphic designer for ten years and has a master’s and bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science. Currently, Safia is a graduate teaching assistant and Ph.D. candidate at Kansas State University, researching computational thinking in early childhood development. She holds a passion for developing methods of teaching young children, ages four-to-seven, computational thinking by modeling playground environments. She expands her experience by facilitating STEM workshops. She's also volunteered and helped in facilitating many STEM workshops.
City of Manhattan Risk Reduction
Madison Mann Madison is an undergraduate student at KSU studying Entrepreneurship with an emphasis in Non-Profit studies. Passionate about the floral industry, with both a background and years of work experience, Madison is eager to learn from those around her and share her knowledge with others.
Pedro Marquez Golden Gloves winner, Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology, 10+ years boxing/coaching experience.
Sabine Martin Sabine Martin has gardened for 20+ years in the challenging conditions created by Kansas weather. She is a Riley County Extension Master Gardener.
Doug Meloan
Barry Michie Barry Michie and Charlene Brownson are the President and Vice President of Riley County Genealogical Society. They both enjoy learning about history and sharing their enthusiasm of genealogy with others.
David Moore
Joel Moots Joel Moots is a KSU math grad who has known the 3-ball cascade most of his life but did not expand on his juggling skills till stumbling on the KC Juggling Club, which showed him how much more there is to it, and how fun and social it can be.
Noah Moots Noah Moots is a MHS student who attends the KC juggling club weekly. After picking up the 3-ball cascade, he quickly moved on to more difficult patterns, and now even takes time to teach his dad some of them. He has a pretty decent 5-ball cascade, can qualify 6 balls, is solid on 4 clubs, can pass 7-clubs with a partner, and is an avid unicyclist (sometimes while juggling).
Jayme Morris-Hardeman Jayme Morris-Hardeman is the Executive Director of Thrive! and has worked with families in poverty for more than 20 years.
Chris Nelson
Debbie Newton Debbie has been a certified yoga teacher (CYT) since 2007.
Terry Olson
KelLee Parr KelLee Parr is the author of My Little Valentine, Mansion on a Hill, and More Voices of the Willows. My Little Valentine is KelLee’s first book that tells the story of KelLee’s search for his biological grandmother and the reunion of his mother and grandmother.
Georgia Nonte Perez Georgia Nonte Perez has taught Dream Catcher making for over 30 years. She has dedicated her life to learning and teaching folkarts, which she learned at the feet of her grandmother starting at 3 years old. Skills taught to her were beading, weaving, basketry, embroidery, herbal lore, and many other skills. Georgia has taught classes for UFM, Manhattan Parks and Recreation, and private lessons to KSU Native American students and others in her art studio.
Amelia Richter Kansan, K-State biology student, and Konza Prairie field technician with a love for all things outdoors.
Gustavo Roa Gustavo Roa is from Paraguay and received a B.S. in Agronomy from EARTH University in Costa Rica. He is currently a Ph.D. Agronomy Candidateat Kansas State University. Gustavo speaks Guarani, Spanish, Portuguese, and English.  
Cheney Rutherford Hi intrepid heroes! Cheney has been playing Dungeons and Dragons for 8 years now. She absolutely adores fantasy and is excited to help people learn this amazing game.
Mandy Ryan Mandy is a healer, facilitator, and lifelong learner. She started her path in alternative practices and healing in 2009 and loves working with others to encourage growth for all.
Hilary Santana
Donna Schenck-Hamlin
David Seamon David Seamon has been active with Gurdjieff's work since the early 1980s. He has studied with J.G. Bennet, a pupil of both Gurjieff and Ouspensky.
Scott Seel
Lucas Shivers Growing up with huge farm gardens in rural Kansas, Lucas has been an avid gardener since his days in 4-H and FFA. He's an educator and can't wait to work with you to find success as a great gardener.
Glenn Sixbury Glenn Sixbury has been writing and selling fiction and non-fiction since 1985. His fiction credits include science fiction, fantasy, horror, western, humor, and children’s stories published in magazines and national/international hardcover and paperback anthologies. Glenn teaches a regular class on fiction writing and conducts workshops on writing at various locations around the country. His novels include Legacy and High Plains Moon. He's also released the "Write a Great Novel" series of books on writing.
Joan Smith Joan has been active in genealogy most of her life, starting before the age of ten listening to family stories and helping her mother in research libraries.
Robert Smith
Chris Sorensen
LERN Staff
Eric Stahl
Christina Stratman Christina has a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre/Speech Education. She has a passion for the arts and their place in our community.
Linda Teener Linda has been sewing since she was six years old and has used a variety of sewing machines. She enjoys sewing everything from garments to home decor and quilting projects.
Aaron Thornton
David Townsend David is a Reiki Master who has been operating for three years now. He works with his wife Lena and has assisted her with her business Peaceful Whispers.
Lena Townsend Lena has studied many areas of the metaphysical world and continues to study on a daily basis as life is a constant journey of learning.
Topeka VA
Hilary Wahlen
Sara Wallace
Nicholas Weis
Flint Hills Wisdom Keepers
Kelly Yarbrough

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