Abstract Painting Series: Week Four

Dates:April 27, 2019 Other Dates
Meets:Sa from 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM
Location:UFM Banquet Room
Instructor:Gail Parsons
Fee: $27.00

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Working in abstract unleashes creativity. However, artists often find abstract difficult because they are accustomed to recreating exactly what they see. They can take a photograph and duplicate it to the finest detail but given the opportunity to be creative - they shut down. Abstract, on the other hand, is open to interpretation and commands an open mind from the artist, which is why so many artists often hesitate to delve into it. When you paint abstract, you are not painting something that will jump out and say "this is what I am;" rather you are painting an emotion. Possibly one of the biggest misunderstandings about abstract is that it is simply paint flung haphazardly onto a canvas. While it may look effortless, abstract is not that simple. In this class, you will learn how to employ color, texture, harmony, and balance to create abstract paintings that draw a viewer in, yet at the same time makes them think and elicits an emotional response. There are several ways to approach an abstract. In this series of classes, we will start each session with a discussion about elements, composition, and technique, and then we'll use those discussion points to paint in a different abstract style each week.

All materials will be provided, however if you have your own favorite brushes, palette knife, or other painting equipment that you are comfortable with, please feel free to bring it. Get ready to unleash your creative spirit!

Each of the four classes this semester will focus on color.

Week 4: How creative can you get with one color? You'll find out as you create a monochromatic painting.

Ages 16+.


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