The Decade of the 1940s: America at War and Winning the Peace

Dates:March 15-29, 2023
Meets:W from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Location:Meadowlark Hills Community Room
Cost: $35.00

Sorry, we are no longer accepting registrations for this course. Please contact our office to find out if it will be rescheduled, or if alternative classes are available.

The class will consist of three sessions. The first session will focus on America's plans to prepare for war and examine such topics as the expansion of the U.S. Military, the Lend-Lease Program, and the nation's gearing up for a wartime economy. The second session examines the fighting fronts both in Europe and the Pacific. The class will examine in depth, Washington's wartime strategy and Franklin D. Roosevelt's influence in charting the course of the war. The final class will look at the United States home front and highlight subjects such as rationing, wartime entertainment, the draft, and American morale. The final class will also briefly survey the coming of peace with an emphasis on American occupations of Germany and Japan, the U.S.A.'s postwar economic boom, and the birth of the United Nations.

Dr. Robert Smith is the Director of the Fort Riley Museums complex. He has a doctorate in history from K- State and has published numerous articles on military history.
Fee: $35.00

Meadowlark Hills Community Room

2121 Meadowlark Road

Robert Smith

Date Day Time Location
03/15/2023Wednesday6:30 PM to 8 PM Meadowlark Hills Community Room
03/22/2023Wednesday6:30 PM to 8 PM Meadowlark Hills Community Room
03/29/2023Wednesday6:30 PM to 8 PM Meadowlark Hills Community Room

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