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Currently Scheduled

Chinese Folk Dance03/08/18
Touring Kayak Skill Enhancement01/21/18
Touring Kayak Skill Enhancement02/18/18
Touring Kayak Rescues & Rolls01/28/18
Touring Kayak Rescues & Rolls03/04/18
Bicycle Brake System Basics01/28/18
Bicycle Drivetrain Basics(Closed)*01/21/18
Women's Self Defense02/17/18
Women's Self Defense04/14/18
Restorative Yoga01/28/18
Restorative Yoga03/04/18
Restorative Yoga04/15/18
Movement-Based Empowerment Workshop02/24/18
Chair Yoga01/23/18
Chair Yoga02/27/18
Chair Yoga04/03/18
Yoga 103/12/18
Yoga 103/12/18
Yoga 103/12/18
Prenatal Yoga01/17/18
Prenatal Yoga01/18/18
Prenatal Yoga02/21/18
Prenatal Yoga03/29/18
Prenatal Yoga04/18/18
Yin Yoga01/24/18
Yin Yoga03/07/18
Evening Yoga01/22/18
Evening Yoga02/26/18
Evening Yoga04/02/18
Morning Yoga01/27/18
Morning Yoga03/03/18
Morning Yoga04/07/18
Gentle Yoga for All02/13/18
Gentle Yoga for All02/15/18
Gentle Yoga for All02/15/18
Tae Kwon Do I01/22/18
Archery for Adults01/16/18
Archery for Adults01/22/18
Archery for Adults01/22/18
Archery for Adults01/22/18
ZUMBA Dance01/19/18
The Art of Mall Walking05/02/18
Turbo Kick™03/08/18
Ballet for Adults(Closed)*01/25/18
Tribal Fusion Belly Dance02/12/18
Contemporary Dance for Adults01/23/18
Beginning Tennis02/06/18
Beginning Tennis02/07/18
Intermediate Bowling01/22/18
Salsa & Bachata Dance(Closed)*01/17/18
Fencing: Open Practice01/22/18
Tap Dancing02/06/18
Tap Dancing03/27/18
Chinese Folk Dance01/25/18
Beginning Fencing01/22/18
Half or Full Marathon Training03/27/18
Run Happy! Run For Life!03/26/18
Archery for Youth02/06/18
Archery for Youth04/03/18

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Not Currently Scheduled

These courses are not currently scheduled, but may be offered at a future date. Click the course Title link for more information.

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