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A One on One Introduction to Voiceovers01/22/18
Card Making: Fold Out/Pop Out Cards05/03/18
Wildflower Walk at Tuttle Creek Lake05/12/18
Edible Wild Plants05/09/18
Backyard Weeds: Your Green Pharmacy05/05/18
MagnifiSCENT Mints04/28/18
What's in an Obituary?05/21/18
Sweet Grass Braiding05/05/18
A One on One Introduction to Voiceovers05/01/18
Paper Piecing Quilt Blocks06/23/18
Introduction to Digital Photography: The Basics05/30/18
A Closer Look: Portrait Photography05/02/18
How to Make Money Selling Your Novels on Amazon06/11/18
Developing Organizational Impact through Photography05/01/18
Personal Leather Bag06/30/18
Loom Beading08/04/18
Draft your own Paper-pieced quilt blocks06/23/18
Abstract Painting Series: Week One06/09/18
Abstract Painting Series: Week Two06/23/18
Abstract Painting Series: Week Three07/07/18
Abstract Painting Series: Week Four07/21/18
Wooden Pennant Hanging Banner06/07/18
Wooden Shadow Box06/28/18
Pop-up Box Cards07/12/18
Assorted Cards with Handmade Flowers07/26/18
Photovoltaics 10107/14/18
Permaculture Lifestyle06/25/18
Solar Energy Storage06/02/18
Wise Watering06/05/18
Wildflower Walk at Tuttle Creek Lake06/16/18
Shifting Into Compassion06/14/18
Shifting Into Compassion07/10/18
Tapping for Relief06/26/18
Tapping for Relief07/24/18
Mindfulness for Adults07/13/18
Mindfulness Meditation Outdoors for Adults06/09/18
Meal Planning Workshop07/16/18
Midsummer Garden Magic06/30/18
Beat the Heat: Summer Cooling Herbs07/28/18
Meditation Yoga05/03/18
Introduction to Mindful Eating06/09/18
Getting Started with Conversational Japanese06/04/18
Getting Started with Conversational Japanese07/10/18
Mandarin Chinese05/21/18
Understanding your iPhone06/14/18
Happy Pets06/21/18
Happy Pets07/17/18
Wood Turning for Beginners06/16/18
Wood Turning for Beginners07/28/18
A Caregivers Guide to "Taking Care of Yourself"06/23/18
Your Goals, Your Story: A MillionTo1 Workshop06/16/18
Curious About Quakers?06/04/18
Infant Massage Workshop06/14/18
Turbo Kick™06/14/18
Bungee Cardio05/21/18
Bungee Cardio05/22/18
Bungee Cardio07/02/18
Bungee Cardio07/03/18
Pilates Strong To The Core05/21/18
Pilates Strong To The Core05/22/18
Pilates Strong To The Core07/02/18
Pilates Strong To The Core07/03/18
Aerial Hammocks Stretch/Fitness05/21/18
Aerial Hammocks Stretch/Fitness05/22/18
Aerial Hammocks Stretch/Fitness07/02/18
Aerial Hammocks Stretch/Fitness07/03/18
TRX Strong Body05/21/18
TRX Strong Body07/02/18
Hot Yoga05/21/18
Hot Yoga07/02/18

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Not Currently Scheduled

These courses are not currently scheduled, but may be offered at a future date. Click the course Title link for more information.

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