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Sax, Clarinet, Flute Private Instruction06/01/16
Wood Turning for Beginners(Closed)*10/29/16
Life Reimagined: Facilitating the Transition for the Next Great Adventure10/18/16
Crocheted Plastic Tote Bags10/04/16
Sweet Grass Braiding10/01/16
Ayurvedic Self Massage(Closed)*10/29/16
Bright Life Strategies: Peeling the Layers11/03/16
Bright Life Strategies: Creating an Abundance Vision Board10/26/16
Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally: Part B -- Relaxing the Body & Breath10/05/16
Holiday Lights Tour(Closed)*12/13/16
Holiday Lights Tour(Closed)*12/14/16
Holiday Lights Tour(Closed)*12/15/16
Holiday Lights Tour12/13/16
Holiday Lights Tour12/14/16
Holiday Lights Tour12/15/16
Haunted Manhattan Trolley Tour10/24/16
Haunted Manhattan Trolley Tour10/24/16
Haunted Manhattan Trolley Tour10/25/16
Haunted Manhattan Trolley Tour10/25/16
Haunted Manhattan Trolley Tour10/26/16
Haunted Manhattan Trolley Tour10/26/16
Haunted Manhattan Trolley Tour10/27/16
Haunted Manhattan Trolley Tour10/27/16
Building Healthy Nutrition Habits10/19/16
Introduction to Adobe Lightroom11/29/16
Permaculture Guilds11/06/16
Bicycle Brake System Basics10/23/16
Bicycle Drivetrain Basics10/09/16
Genealogy Essentials: Cemetery Research10/15/16
This Is How You Brew It!(Closed)*10/02/16
Make Your Own Baby Food10/19/16
Make Your Own Baby Food12/03/16
Mandarin Chinese for Parent & Child08/18/16
A One on One Introduction to Voiceovers08/22/16
Time to Dig Deep Roots: A Fall Play with 10 Live Roots & Rhizomes10/29/16
Paper Mache10/15/16
Introduction to Country Swing Dancing10/14/16
Introduction to Country Swing Dancing11/04/16
Broomstick Lace10/13/16
Young Living Essential Oils10/15/16
Sax, Clarinet, Flute Private Instruction08/04/16
Solar Electric Installation, Nuts and Bolts10/01/16
A Closer Look: Portrait Photography10/06/16
MillionTo1 Life Planning10/13/16
Wood Turning for Beginners(Closed)*11/19/16
Meditational Grounding for Healthcare and Holistic Practitioners09/24/16

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Not Currently Scheduled

These courses are not currently scheduled, but may be offered at a future date. Click the course Title link for more information.

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