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Touring Kayak Skill Enhancement02/18/18
Touring Kayak Rescues & Rolls(Closed)*03/04/18
A One on One Introduction to Voiceovers01/22/18
Barn Quilt 101 Painting03/03/18
Pysanky - Introduction & Intermediate03/17/18
A Closer Look: Portrait Photography(Closed)*03/29/18
Alcohol Inks - Introduction & Intermediate04/14/18
Introduction to Mountain Dulcimer(Closed)*02/28/18
Guzheng (Chinese Zither)03/06/18
Chinese Calligraphy03/06/18
How to Make Money Selling Your Novels on Amazon03/26/18
Pine Needle Basket03/03/18
Loom Beading03/10/18
Card Making: Box Cards02/22/18
Card Making: Magic Slider Cards03/28/18
Card Making: Fold Out/Pop Out Cards05/03/18
How to Write Great Fiction02/26/18
Basic Fruit Tree Pruning02/24/18
Introduction to Permaculture02/26/18
Permaculture Guilds03/26/18
Don't Treat Your Soil Like Dirt04/30/18
Attached Solar Greenhouses: Design for Plants & Warmth04/07/18
Wildflower Walk at Tuttle Creek Lake05/12/18
What to Expect When You're Extracting02/25/18
Edible Wild Plants05/09/18
Movement-Based Empowerment Workshop02/24/18
Intro to Meditation03/29/18
Intro to Meditation04/19/18
Building Healthy Nutrition Habits03/01/18
Tapping for Relief03/08/18
Tapping for Relief04/12/18
Connecting with Angels04/05/18
Mindfulness for Adults03/02/18
Prenatal Yoga02/21/18
Prenatal Yoga03/29/18
Prenatal Yoga04/18/18
Herbalism Basics to Know02/17/18
Herbs for Digestive Distress02/24/18
ACHOO! Herbs for Allergy & Respiratory Support03/10/18
Backyard Weeds: Your Green Pharmacy03/24/18
Herb Harvesting, Drying & Storage04/14/18
MagnifiSCENT Mints04/28/18
Mindfulness Meditation Outdoors for Adults04/08/18
Nutrition in Our Industrialized Age...What to Choose?03/26/18
Sea Salt: Exploring its Many Benefits and Uses03/14/18
Meal Planning Workshop03/01/18
Stopping the Subconscious Saboteur: Art Making and Dialogue Workshop02/24/18
Stopping the Subconscious Saboteur: Art Making and Dialogue Workshop03/31/18
This Is Your Life03/26/18
Corsets, Chastity Belts, Codpieces to Safety Pins04/16/18
What's in an Obituary?05/21/18
Flint Hills Wisdom Keepers Informational Meeting and Medicine Wheel Introduction02/17/18
Private Pilot Ground School03/27/18
Wood Turning for Beginners02/17/18
A Caregivers Guide to "Taking Care of Yourself"03/09/18
Stamp Collecting04/03/18
Sweet Grass Braiding04/07/18
Turbo Kick™03/08/18

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These courses are not currently scheduled, but may be offered at a future date. Click the course Title link for more information.

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