Instructor Information

Ana Franklin Ana Franklin began practicing yoga in the 1970s. However, Ana's exposure to yoga started in early childhood as her father practiced yoga faithfully every day since 1951, making this a regular part of the household activities. Then in 1963, Ana's mother began to attend yoga class and also became a faithful practitioner. Ana has been teaching yoga since 1984. In the '90s, Ana traveled to Hawaii and took five Yoga Teacher Training sessions from Gary Kraftsow, founder of American Viniyoga Institute. She has also been certified by the Krishnamacharya Health and Yoga Foundation in Chennai, India, and is currently studying for another certification. "Yoga is a lifelong commitment for me, and with such a rich subject, there is always more to learn, and to teach! I hope to continue doing both for a very long time." Ana is a certified Natural Health Consultant.