Instructor Information

Art Rathbun Art was employed at Kansas State University for more than 20 years as coordinator of the Biofeedback/Stress Management laboratory. He is also an ordained minister, counselor, and horse breeder. Art has taught a course on Stress Management/Performance Enhancement with both online and workshop formats for the past 20 years.
Fred Newton Fred Newton served as Director of Counseling and Professor of Education during the past 34 years at Kansas State University. Since his retirement in 2012, his business card describes him as gardener, photographer, traveler, sport psychologist, consultant, writer, and part-time instructor.
Dan Wilcox Dan Wilcox is on the faculty for Special Education, Counseling and Student Affairs and Counseling in KSU College of Education. He is a licensed psychologist and has been a practicing counselor, workshop leader, and guest speaker with a focus on positive psychology and the benefits of optimism, well-being, and meaningfulness in life.