Instructor Information

Larry Storer Larry has been kayaking the waters of Kansas for 19 years, focusing exclusively on touring/sea kayaks and what they can do in all types of water conditions. He has a specialized knowledge and skill base for this part of Kansas and is eager to share it with others who are wanting to expand their skills to the next level. Touring kayaks are amazing vessels that can get to places where many other watercraft cannot reach, allowing you access to new sights. Seeing the world from the cockpit of a kayak can be a magical experience.

Larry believes that the more skills you have — which include propelling your kayak efficiently, maneuvering your kayak with ease, and being able to rescue yourself and others — the more you are able to relax and safely enjoy your amazing surroundings. When you are paddling a touring kayak, you are traveling along at about 3-4 miles per hour, about the pace of a brisk walk, which allows you to observe your environment and take in the beauty of native plants and migrating waterfowl (such as cormorants, American white pelicans, American coots, pied-billed grebes, and more). At this pace you can also enjoy the company and conversation of a friend.

Building confidence by practicing and paddling, the freedom of propelling through the water with ease, and spending quality time with friends and family are just some of the things that have kept Larry so energized and excited about kayaking. Larry is always ready to share his knowledge and enthusiasm with anyone who wants to give touring/sea kayaking a go.