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Frequently Asked Questions:

What if the weather is bad? UFM courses held at Kansas State University follow university policies. Classes will be held unless all university classes are cancelled. Weather sensitive classes will use the scheduled rain date. If a rain date is not scheduled, the instructor will be responsible for rescheduling. UFM classes held off campus may be canceled based on facility and instructor availability.During major weather events, listen to KMAN radio (AM 1350) for UFM cancellations, or call 539-8763 to see if an announcement has been left on the answering machine. K-State's website will also carry news of closings at www.k-state.edu. In the event of lightning in the area, all swimmers will be evacuated from the pools until the lightning has passed the area.

Can I get a refund? When a class is cancelled due to severe weather, or other circumstances when a lesson cannot be provided by UFM, a make-up class will be scheduled OR a refund will be issued in the amount of the missed lesson. When class participants are absent from class, UFM will not issue a refund or make-up session due to staff availability, budgeting scheduling constraints.

Do I need to preregister? All participants must pay the registration fees before attending a UFM class. This allows for adequate handouts and materials. A class may be canceled due to insufficient registrations.

Who teaches UFM classes? UFM is a community learning program that contracts with nonprofessional community instructors. Consequently, we cannot guarantee that the courses are absolutely accurate or complete in content and quality of instruction. We rely on the credentials provided by instructors, class observation and participant feedback as tools for evaluating a class and an instructor's ability.

UFM classes are not a forum for selling a product or service from which the instructor may benefit. Materials specifically oriented to an instructor's financial interests may not be distributed in class. Participants who wish to pursue a relationship with an instructor outside class time may do so on their own responsibility. Please share any concerns with UFM by emailing info@tryufm.org or calling 785.539.8763.

Youth and Adult Scholarship Funds

Scholarships are available for UFM and other select community activities.

Download scholarship application and guidelines in Acrobat format.

Donate to UFM:

UFM accepts donations to assist with program needs and for special projects. Send your contribution to UFM Community Learning Center, 1221 Thurston St, Manhattan, KS 66502. Your donation is tax deductible.

Instructors wanted:

Everyone can teach, everyone can learn!

This slogan is the central theme at UFM. We are always looking for new class ideas and new instructors. The age range of instructors has been from 6 to 98 years old. If you think you would like to share something you know with the community, call us at (785) 539-8763, or e-mail info@tryufm.org. Download and complete the Course Description Sheet for each class you wish to teach. Download the Guidesheet for additional information on how to complete the Course Description Sheet. Return the class description form to UFM, 1221 Thurston St, Manhattan, KS 66502. If the class you want to teach is already being offered and/or we have a regular teacher for that topic, call and speak to our Education Coordinator about a way you might be able to modify your idea so you can still teach without duplicating offerings.


If you have class ideas or would like to teach a class, call us at (785) 539-8763, or E-mail us at info@tryufm.org

Give us your class ideas!

Got an idea for a UFM class? UFM is always looking for new class ideas and new projects. Let us hear from you! Call (785) 539.8763 or email info@tryufm.org to share your ideas!

A Brief History of UFM

UFM is a non-profit campus and community education program serving Kansas State University, the Manhattan area and communities across Kansas. UFM was started in 1968 by a group of KSU students and faculty as a way to bridge communication between the campus community and the Manhattan community. That year seven classes were offered with 150 people participating. The goal at that time was to provide opportunities for students and faculty to interact more easily with the general community and to serve a variety of people in the community. UFM continues to address those goals 41 years later.

The original name of the organization was University for Man. In the early 1990's it was changed to University for Mankind. In 1999, the words were eliminated, but the well known initials UFM were kept and additional explanatory words, Community Learning Center were added. The official name is now, UFM Community Learning Center.

Based on the philosophy that everyone can learn and everyone can teach, UFM provides opportunities for lifelong learning and personal development. UFM serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas and as a catalyst for new programs and services that enhance the quality of life for all. For more information about UFM, call (785) 539-8763 or e-mail info@tryufm.org.

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