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Focusing on Social Justice, Human Rights, World Peace, International Development

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About the Lou Douglas Lecture Series

Lou Douglas LecturesThe Lou Douglas Lectures seek to extend understanding of public policies that can further democratize society. They contribute to the general education of students and others by presenting speakers who will jolt conventional wisdom and propose public policy that deals progressively and democratically with the roots of social, political and economic problems. Known for their impact on regional, national and world affairs, these individuals are selected for their commitment to justice and equality for all people.

Enriching the Intellectual and Civic Lives of the K-State/Manhattan Community

Illuminating and provocative lectures with free-wheeling question and answer periods stimulate discussion as well as promote original thinking and questioning of perspectives on critical public issues. Related experiences such as brown bag lunches, class and seminar presentations and interaction with student and community organizations enhance the lecture experience. Many K-State graduates say that the perspectives they gained from the Lou Douglas Lectures have been invaluable to their lives as citizens.

Inspiring Justice and Equality for All People

The success of the Lou Douglas Lectures depends on the continued financial support of people who are committed to perpetuating the spirit and philosophy of this distinguished professor of political science. Contributors make it possible for the Lou Douglas Lectures to bring important speakers to the K-State campus and the Manhattan community.

To support the Lou Douglas Lecture Series, call 785.539.8763, e-mail info@tryufm.org or send your tax-deductible contribution to 1221 Thurston St, Manhattan, KS 66502.

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Lou Douglas Lecture Series, 1221 Thurston St, Manhattan, KS 66502 • E-mail: info@tryufm.org

Lou was a member of the Kansas State University Department of Political Science. They sponsor a Lou Douglas Scholarship. For more information, please visit their website at www.ksu.edu/polsci.

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