UFM Community Connection

Connecting You and Your Community

UFM Community Connection provides Internet links to area programming to connect and share opportunities for learning about local people, places, programs, and information; it is also a resource for things to see and do in the Manhattan area. 


UFM brings the community online by using audio, video, streaming, YouTube, and other technology.  Let UFM be your connection for collaborating with the community and organizations offering fun and educational classes and programs. Contact UFM to discuss your ideas www.tryufm.org  Help UFM put the community into education.

Program Areas

Arts & Humanities - Learn about arts and humanities opportuniites in the area.

Earth and Nature - Learn about outdoor activities and ecosystems in the Manhattan area.

Family and Society - Prevention, Education, Service, and more.

Health & Wellness - Learn how to improve your health and wellness.

Searching For Ancestors: A series focusing on geneology
School Projects
World War Two Veteran Interviews

Living Green - Learn how to participate in preserving the earth.

People & Cultures around the World - Learn about the cultures and life stories of people living in this area and around the world.


For more information, call UFM at (785) 539-8763 or e-mail info@tryufm.org.

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